De Lyle Bloomquist

De Lyle W. Bloomquist

Mr. Bloomquist is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, a position he has held since May 28, 2022. He is also a partner for Windrunner Management Advisors LLC… READ MORE

Ken became RYAM’ Vice President Commercial – High Yield Pulp, Paperboard & Lignosulfonates in May 2021, after a 34-year career in the pulp and paper industry. He joined Tembec Inc… READ MORE

Gabriela became RYAM’s Chief Accounting Officer and Vice President, Corporate Controller in early August 2020. She joined RYAM in March 2020 as Vice President, Corporate Controller. Prior to… READ MORE

Joshua became RYAM’ Senior Vice President, High Purity Cellulose in December 2021. Joshua brings nearly 20 years of business leadership experience in the chemical and  … READ MORE

Whitney joined RYAM in August 2018 as an Associate General Counsel, was promoted to Assistant General Counsel , and became Vice President and Assistant General Counsel in January 2023.… READ MORE

Marcus became RYAM’ Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance in July 2019 following a 30-year career in the forest products and consumer products industry. He rejoined … READ MORE

Michael became RYAM’s Vice President Manufacturing in April 2023. Michael is a thirty-plus year manufacturing veteran, most recently holding the position of Vice President … READ MORE

Jay joined Rayonier in October 2010 as Vice President Human Resources and was named Senior Vice President Human Resources in March 2013. Following the separation, he was appointed … READ MORE

Christian became Vice President Biomaterials in November 2021 following a more than 30-year career in the paper and cellulose specialty business. He started at Tembec in 2003 … READ MORE

Chris joined RYAM as Vice President, Sourcing in January 2024. Chris brings over twenty years of sourcing experience, progressing from division sourcing responsibility… READ MORE
Colby joined Rayonier Inc. in January 2013 as Senior Counsel, a position he held until June 2014. Following our 2014 spinoff from Rayonier Inc., he was appointed to the same … READ MORE