Christian Ribeyrolle

Christian Ribeyrolle

Senior Vice President | Biomaterials

Christian became Vice President Biomaterials in November 2021 following a more than 30-year career in the paper and cellulose specialty business.

He started at Tembec in 2003 as General Manager of the Tartas plant in France. He then joined RYAM following the acquisition of Tembec in November 2017.

At Tembec, since 2008, he has held the positions of Global Sales Director, CS, then Senior Vice President in charge of Sales and Production Services, and finally Executive Vice President in charge of the Cellulose Specialty Business Unit, which includes production, sales, R&D and finance. He was also appointed President of Tembec France in 2010, a role he continues to hold at Rayonier AM France since the acquisition.

Before joining the company, he began his career in aeronautics, and then worked in various management positions within the Ahlstrom group.

Mr. Ribeyrolle studied chemical engineering at the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie [National School of Chemistry] in Clermont-Ferrand.

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