Making Renewable to Remarkable Possible

Promoting a More Sustainable World

From cell phones and computer screens to eyeglasses and medicine, RYAM helps transform renewable resources into remarkable products.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that empower manufacturers worldwide to create environmentally-efficient products that help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

RYAM is proud to work with environmentally-minded customers toward a more sustainable future, where responsible choices meet business success.

Using Sustainable Materials to Reduce Waste and
Support Essential Food Supply Chains

In partnership with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing and the University of Georgia, RYAM developed an innovative method to reduce waste by turning manufacturing byproducts into new products. The Prebiotics for Poultry partnership supports sustainable poultry farming and provides a healthy alternative nutrient to antibiotic feed additives. The breakthrough development will benefit two of Georgia’s largest industries, poultry and forestry. This product will also support a growing trend of sustainable, antibiotic-free poultry production.


Trees Will Help the World Transition from Fossil Fuels to Clean and Renewable Energy

RYAM is helping lead the world’s renewable energy transition with the construction and launch of a second-generation bioethanol facility at our plant in Tartas, France to support Europe’s fast-growing biofuels market.

Sustainably produced by recycling wood-based feedstock and coproducts from cellulose manufacturing, this leading-edge solution is among the first in France to produce 2G bioethanol fuel from cellulose. Our BioFuels support cleaner vehicle emissions in line with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive, RED2.


Not only do our renewable energy investments help power our operations, they also help power neighboring communities by supplying surplus energy to local grids. On average, our facilities supply local utilities with over 60 MW of electricity every hour—enough to power over 40,000 homes (assuming standard U.S. energy usage).

In Quebec, 99% of our operations are powered by hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is an essential component of our sustainable energy mix and part of our commitment to reduce emissions 40% by 2030.

A part of the electrical grid, fueled by BioEnergy
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Anomera — Harnessing the Power of Sustainable, High-Purity Cellulose

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to constantly innovate. Today, our solutions are used by companies seeking high-quality sustainable inputs for products like LCD screens, auto parts, eyeglasses, and life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Over the years, the spirit of innovation has driven us to empower and equip other innovators. That’s exactly what we did in 2017, when RYAM began providing financial support and technical expertise for Anomera’s groundbreaking cellulose-based nanomaterial under development in Montreal.

RYAM is proud to back Anomera, whose patented, eco-friendly method of manufacturing carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) is a remarkable innovation that creates a green technology “building block” with enormous potential for a variety of applications.

The investment supports our shared vision for more sustainable products that help the economy and the environment. For example, Anomera’s products (manufactured using RYAM’s sustainable cellulose offerings) provide a biodegradable alternative to the fossil-fuel based microbeads that clog waterways and endanger wildlife.

RYAM’s strategic investment in Anomera demonstrates our dedication to fostering sustainable innovation and collaboration. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, leveraging the immense potential of sustainable solutions to realize a more sustainable future.

Who is Anomera?

Anomera is an early stage cellulosics based company that utilized Cellulose Specialties products produced by RYAM as a key raw material. The Company manufactures carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) in a patented eco-friendly method that delivers a superior nanomaterial from sustainably harvested Canadian Forests.

What differentiates Anomera’s products?

Anomera’s products are certified “readily biodegradable” and are targeted in markets that currently utilize less environmentally friendly silica and petroleum-based plastic microbeads that have littered our oceans. In addition, Anomera products bring other physical properties, including smoothing effects and the ability to uniquely carry dyes creating pigments for cosmetic end-uses. In addition, Anomera patented DextraCelTM brings strength and dispersion capabilities to a multitude of industrial applications.

Where will Anomera’s products be used?

This platform product is creating new opportunities for the multi-billion dollar markets in cosmetics and skincare, the industries of cement, polymer composites, coatings, pigments, agriculture, and for human wellness in pharma and life sciences.

How will Anomera go to market?

Anomera has partnered with Croda, a global leader in cosmetics and personal care ingredients, as its exclusive distributor for these segments. Croda possesses a full formulation capability and a portfolio of complementary products that will allow it to accelerate Anomera’s successful launch into the cosmetics and personal care market.

Where are they located?

Anomera’s head offices and applications lab are in Montreal, Quebec. Anomera is currently developing a Specialty Manufacturing Facility (SMF) in Temiscaming, adjacent to RYAM’s Temiscaming Cellulose Specialties facility. Construction is underway and production is expected to commence in Q2 2021.

Why is this important to RYAM?

RYAM and Anomera share the vision of producing sustainable products that add to the quality of people’s lives while respecting the planet. Anomera operates in an adjacent, downstream space to RYAM and has products which will benefit RYAM’s core manufacturing.

Who is the Anomera team?

Benoit Garant, President and Chief Executive Officer, a successful serial entrepreneur, leads a strong and dedicated management team, focused on innovation and development. The Company employs 11 Ph.D.’s and Material Science scientists that focus on new applications for the 21st-century bio-economy.

ARBO Lignosulfate Logo

LignoTech — High-Performance, Renewable Lignin Products

RYAM’s lignin products are wood based biopolymers and very efficient sustainable alternatives to fossil sourced chemicals.

We produce high quality lignin products in both Témiscaming, Canada and Tartas France under the Arbo tradename. RYAM’s lignin products are used as additives in a number of applications, eg: concrete additives, agricultural products (crop protection and fertilizer production), animal feed binders and carbon black production aids.

We also are part of a joint venture between RYAM and Borregaard, located in Fernandina Beach, Florida. LignoTech Florida produces high performance lignin products using renewable raw materials.