Sustainable Construction Products & Coatings

Building Sustainable for the Future

At the forefront of sustainable solutions, RYAM’s ethers-grade cellulose is an important ingredient for the construction and coatings industries. Our cellulose technology reduces weight in transit, saving water and energy during the production and transport of mortar and concrete.

We’re focused on continuous improvement and continue to innovate and create higher viscosity cellulose that is environmentally superior to cotton linter pulp.

Sustainably harvested from working forests, our raw materials are not affected by swings in seed value or weather.

By harnessing innovation, our Research & Development teams partner with customers to offer product customizations that improve end-product quality.

Coatings: Enhancing Performance and Aesthetics

Our ethers-grade cellulose also plays a vital role in paints and coatings formulations, acting as a viscosity modifier and stabilizer, creating an enduring and durable finish and easy application for contractors and consumers. The result: a vibrant, resilient coating product.
A group of violins
Fingernail Polish Being Applied

Finishing Touches: From Fingernails to Packaging and Wood

In the competitive market for coatings, our ethers-grade cellulose proves indispensable. In fingernail polish, our cellulose enhances the performance of our customers products, which helps provide a protective film for a lasting shine.

Additionally, printing inks that contain our cellulose enable precise markings on cans and packaging, enhancing product branding and visibility in a crowded marketplace.

The Power of Sustainable Innovations

RYAM’s High-Purity Cellulose products remain adaptable in a world of evolving trends, ensuring that our customers’ products meet the demands of today and tomorrow.