Ensuring Clean Air and Purity

Filtration Products

RYAM’s acetate-grade cellulose is the global benchmark for acetate filtration products.

Our sustainable solutions play an essential role in filtration applications worldwide enabling manufacturers to create better vacuum cleaner bags, face masks, cigarette filters, auto filters for oil and air—even help make reverse osmosis for clean and pure water possible, just to name a few.

An auto mechanic installing a car filter
A couple of friends drinking coffee

Common household products—like tea and coffee filters—are made more efficient when made with our High-Purity Cellulose.

Medical-grade filtration products for applications such as hemodialysis and water purification technology like reverse osmosis for desalination also benefit from our industry leading cellulose products.

Osmosis Equipment
Filtration products using RYAM’s sustainable cellulose continue to be the preferred choice for producers, providing a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based materials like polypropylene.