The Sustainable Choice for Clothing

Have you heard of Rayon? We helped invent this material and have been in this business for decades. When manufacturers need sustainable raw materials for textiles and nonwoven products, they choose RYAM’s High-Purity Cellulose. Our cellulose helps bring forth a luxurious silk-like feel but is more durable and environmentally-friendly.

Our cellulose serves as an alternative to raw materials like fossil-fuel based products used to produce synthetic materials, offering a tree-based solution that aligns with our customers commitment to sustainability.

When used by textile manufacturers in suit linings, dresses, shirts, and pants, our cellulose provides customers with a sustainable choice in clothing and helps differentiate products in a competitive marketplace.


TemSilk, developed at our Témiscaming plant, is a new product that is the primary input in the manufacture of Lyocell, a high-purity product that helps our customers produce more environmentally-friendly textiles.

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