Sustainable Solutions for High-Tech Innovation

Cellulose-Based Technologies: Advancing High-Tech Performance

In the dynamic world of high-tech electronics, RYAM High-Purity Cellulose products are a global benchmark that powers customer-focused innovations. Our tree-based cellulose products are superior to petroleum-based polymers by providing higher levels of performance. It’s also better for the environment, biodegradable and compostable.
Closeup of a phone being used
Closeup of a laptop being used

The Power of Trees at Your Fingertips

Did you know that trees can help operate your smartphone, computer screens, and flat screen TVs? Our sustainable cellulose plays a vital role in producing thin films, ensuring a clear picture on screens, and at wider viewing angles.

We work hard to produce consistent and industry leading cellulose specialty fibers pure enough to meet the stringent demands of manufacturing LCD screens, where clarity and precision are paramount.

With custom-made innovations tailored to each customer’s specifications, our acetate-grade cellulose empowers innovation in the most demanding, high-tech applications.