Making Renewable to Remarkable Possible

Promoting a More Sustainable World

From cell phones and computer screens to eyeglasses and medicine, RYAM helps transform renewable resources into remarkable products.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that empower manufacturers worldwide to create environmentally-efficient products that help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

RYAM is proud to work with environmentally-minded customers toward a more sustainable future, where responsible choices meet business success.

At RYAM, our High Purity Cellulose (HPC) solutions support the manufacturing of essential products used by billions of people. From acetate-grade cellulose used in filtration, sustainable plastics, and textiles, to ethers-grade cellulose used in food and pharmaceutical applications, our versatile range of specialty grades meets the diverse needs of various industries. Our HPC business also produces high-purity fluff pulp, ensuring optimal liquid absorption in hygiene and personal care items. We’re proud to contribute to the creation of remarkable products you may use without even realizing it.

Trees to These

Promoting Sustainability through High Purity Cellulose Solutions

We transform renewable resources into remarkable solutions that promote a more sustainable world.

Discover our environmentally-friendly cellulose solutions, which take customers from “Trees to These” with sustainable inputs for their products.

Essential Cellulose Fibers

Do you use a cell phone everyday or watch movies on your LCD TV?  If so, there is a good chance you’re benefiting from RYAM’s specialty cellulose solutions. Moreover, consumer products containing our fibers help people start their day. Our HPC products are commonly found in:
  • Personal care products like toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Eyeglass Frames
  • Makeup
  • Medicine
As industry leaders in sustainable, high-purity cellulose solutions, RYAM’s commitment to constant innovation and customer collaboration set it apart. RYAM’s high-purity cellulose products are an essential part of many manufacturers’ sustainability mix.  Sourced from working forests, our raw materials are natural and renewable—and their unique performance characteristics set the standard for our industry. That makes our products ideal when sustainability is desired and precision is required.
Essential Cellulose Products
Acetate Grade Cellulose Products

Acetate-grade Cellulose Products

RYAM’s acetate-grade cellulose is the global benchmark for sustainably sourced acetate filtration products. Custom-made to meet each customer’s specifications, our acetate-grade cellulose is used in the manufacture of LCD screens, the most demanding of all cellulose specialty applications. RYAM’s acetate-grade cellulose is also used in a variety of plastics when clarity and “touch” is important. When precision, consistency, and sustainability matter, customers choose our unique and innovative HPC products.

Ethers-grade Cellulose Products

Our high-value ethers-grade cellulose plays a vital role in a wide range of construction materials, coatings, food and pharmaceutical products. These high-value products enhance texture, thicken syrups, and enable the development of slow-release medications. We offer ethers-grade cellulose with a range of viscosity options, providing diverse textures to end products.

Ethers Grade Cellulose Products
High Value Specialty Cellulose Products

High-Value Specialty Cellulose Products

At RYAM, we specialize in crafting high-value cellulose products tailored to meet the specific requirements of demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, good, automotive, and heavy equipment industries.

Our cellulose specialties deliver superior performance in automotive and heavy equipment filters, while meeting the stringent industry requirements.

Additionally, our high-strength cellulose enhances tire performance, adds rigidity and resilience to hot dog casings, and provides durability and clarity to high-end wood coatings.

Fluff Pulp

Our high-quality fluff pulp is specifically designed for applications requiring exceptional liquid absorption, such as diapers, personal hygiene products, pet pads, and food-grade absorbent pads. When it comes to airlaid nonwovens used for wipes and absorbent cores, our pulp’s superior absorption, wicking, and pad integrity properties make a significant difference. The low percentage of fines in our pulp showcases the quality and purity of our manufacturing processes, ensuring top-notch performance.
Fluff Pulp Products
Viscose Grade Cellulose Products

Viscose-grade Cellulose Products

RYAM specializes in the production of sustainable cellulose, utilized in the manufacturing of viscose staple fiber, viscose filament, casings for food production, tire cord for high-strength tires, cellophane, textiles and sponges. Customers across the world use our high-end viscose products to more sustainable create quality products.