Specialty Cellulose for High-Performance Bioplastics

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum-Based Plastics

RYAM is a global leading producer of High-Purity Cellulose used to manufacture specialty bioplastics. Purity matters—especially in high-end applications, and our cellulose provides a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics and cotton linter pulp.

Versatile Applications

From eyeglass frames to plastic bottles , to performance products for cars and electronics, our solutions excel in products that need to be lightweight but sturdy enough to hold up under daily use.

We continue to partner with customers and industry to explore new possibilities and set new standards with sustainable bioplastics.

Eyeglasses on a table
Finger turning on a light switch

The Sustainable Choice for Homeware and Household Products

Innovation meets sustainability when RYAM’s sustainable High-Purity Cellulose is used to create bioplastics for homeware and household products.

Customers use our cellulose as a sustainable input to make bioplastics because it reduces weight on average by 30%. It also serves as a functional filler by providing strength, scratch resistance, and a soft feel for homeware products like electric switches, dinnerware, cosmetic packaging, sanitary products, buttons, and clothing.

Reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based products with RYAM’s sustainable High-Purity Cellulose.