Our Plants

RYAM is sustainable from the start and deeply integrated with the communities we call home. Our commitment to sustainable business practices, environmentally efficient facilities, and a diverse workforce is essential to maintaining world-class operations.
RYAM's Fernandina Location

Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA

Established in 1937, our Fernandina Beach plant is a cornerstone of our business. Producing 155,000 metric tons of softwood cellulose specialties annually, it employs more than 300 people and contributes $35 million in wages and salaries, supporting our employees’ families and local economies. Our operations are powered, in part, by Eight Flags LLC, a combined heat and power plant on-site fueled by natural gas, which emits 50% less GHG than coal and generates 20 MW of power for Amelia Island residents and businesses. Furthermore, RYAM’s partnership with Borregaard supports LignoTech’s on-site lignin plant, producing sustainable, high-performing lignin products using renewable raw materials.

Jesup, Georgia, USA

Our plant in Jesup, Georgia is the world’s largest cellulose specialties operation, producing essential products from sustainable and renewable raw materials. With three fiber lines manufacturing hardwood and softwood high-purity cellulose specialties, fluff-pulp and acetate products, our operations embody a commitment to sustainability and environmental efficiency. Annually, we produce approximately 330,000 metric tons of sustainable cellulose products. An additional fiber line produces up to 245,000 metric tons of commodity viscose and absorbent materials each year.

The Jesup plant is located near freight rail hubs and three deep-water ports, ensuring our supply chain is both efficient and global in reach. With over 800 employees, Jesup’s significant presence contributes an impressive $1 billion economic impact to the region while serving as a vital cornerstone in the production of sustainable products.

Jesup is also home to RYAM’s state-of-the-art North American Research and Development Center where our team of scientists, researchers, and engineers create innovative solutions for our customers. Learn more about How We Create here.

RYAM's Jesup Location
RYAM's Tartas Location

Tartas, France

Our Tartas plant in France is an industry-leading facility in sustainable cellulose production. With a specialty cellulose plant boasting a capacity of 140,000 metric tons, it is the world leader in sustainable, high-purity cellulose products for the ethers market segment. Importantly, the Tartas plant produces the highest viscosity of wood cellulose in the world. In addition to its cellulose production, the biorefinery is also a green energy generator, contributing 20 MW of renewable electricity to the local grid. We are proud to offer a range of biosolutions, including lignosulfonates, tall oil soaps, and alkaline lignin, all derived from renewable materials. Employing over 325 individuals and situated amidst the vast Landes pine forest (the largest sustainably-managed working forest in Europe), our operations play an important role in the local economy.

Témiscaming, Quebec, Canada

Acquired by RYAM in 2017, our Témiscaming plant in Quebec began operations in 1919. Today, the plant produces high-purity cellulose, high-yield pulp, and coated paperboard from renewable resources. Its operations are powered by carbon-neutral hydroelectricity, and a renewable biomass power generation system on-site, which produces renewable energy for the Hydro Quebec grid. The Témiscaming plant employs more than 700 employees and contributes significantly to social diversity, community empowerment, and economic development in the province.

RYAM's Temiscaming Location
One of RYAM's BioResource Transfer Hubs

BioResource Transfer Hubs

RYAM operates four strategically-located BioResource Transfer Hubs in Barnesville, Collins, Offerman and Quitman, Georgia. These hubs play a vital role in our supply chain, facilitating the collection and distribution of BioResources harvested from working forests. Our dedicated wood procurement team carefully selects suppliers located throughout our markets to ensure that sustainably harvested trees of the highest quality and most competitive prices are selected to make our products. Raw materials are then swiftly transported to our plants via rail and truck, taking advantage of the geographic diversity of our transfer hubs. This streamlined process enables us to efficiently procure cost-effective fiber, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring sustainable raw materials are delivered to our plants for production.

A Global Footprint by the Number

RYAM maintains corporate offices in the United States and Canada.

2500 Employees

U.S., Canada, France, United Kingdom, China and Japan

4 Manufacturing Facilities

U.S., Canada and France

7 Sales Offices

U.S., Canada, France, United Kingdom, China and Japan

2 Research Facilities

U.S. and France