RYAM’s High-Yield Pulp (HYP) business is one of the world’s leading producers of hardwood high-yield pulp. With nearly double the yield of traditional market pulps, our HYP requires fewer trees to make the same amount of paper and its superior bulk allows paper and board manufacturers to use less fiber.

RYAM technical sales team works closely with customers worldwide to define needs, and we tailor our high-yield hardwood pulp manufacturing process to meet precise customer specifications.

High-yield hardwood pulp

RYAM is the world’s leading producer of high-yield hardwood pulp. Two Canadian operations produce our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified (FSC®-C017431) Temcell® product using virgin aspen and maple fiber from Canadian forests. Notably, RYAM is the only producer of high-yield maple pulp.

With nearly double the yield of traditional market pulps, our high-yield pulp requires fewer trees to make the same amount of paper. Its superior bulk also allows paper manufacturers to use less fiber. As a result, our product has a cost advantage over other types of pulps.

We tailor our manufacturing process to meet customer specifications, using the most appropriate hardwood fiber for the papermaker’s end product. Applications include:

  • Coated and uncoated papers
  • Paperboard and linerboard
  • Tissue and toweling

In comparison with other types of pulps, high-yield pulp has significantly lower environmental impact in terms of effluent discharge, air emissions and energy consumption. All this makes our product an attractive alternative for papermakers.

Product characteristics and applications

AspenMedium-length fiber with similar strength properties to hardwood kraft, but is bulkier and drains faster.

Can meet a wide range of freeness, brightness and strength specifications.

As a groundwood substitute, it will have low freeness and low brightness.

As a supplemental fiber in a coated freesheet it can have higher freeness, brightness, and strength.
Copy paper


Light-weight coated paper

Printing and writing paper
MapleShort fiber with fast-draining and superior bulk properties.

The fiber of choice worldwide for multiply paperboard and linerboard machines.

Excellent opacity, bulk, formation, and improved surface qualities when added to regular kraft furnish in production of fine papers.
Coated multiply paperboard and linerboard



File folders

Construction paper

Operations, capacity and certifications

Manufacturing facilitiesProduction capacity (annual)Product certification
Temiscaming, Québec, Canada290,000 metric tons
*PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification