RYAM’s High Purity Cellulose (HPC) business provides the cellulose that helps manufacturers throughout the world produce products that your family uses every day; from Acetate-grade cellulose used in filtration, cellulose-based plastics and textiles, to Ethers-grade cellulose used in a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. We have other specialty grades designed for usage in products ranging from automotive filtration and rayon tire-cord to hot dog and sausage casings. Our HPC business also produces high-quality Fluff pulp, designed for usage in applications where liquid absorption is critical, such as hygiene and other personal care products.

Our Fibers In Your Life

RYAM makes everyday products possible—from cell phones and computer screens, to eyeglasses and medicine. Our performance fibers help manufacturers throughout the world make products that your family uses every day.

Our scientists and researchers have helped make RYAM an industry leader. Our acetate-grade cellulose product serves as a global benchmark for filtration applications. We also produce the only wood-based cellulose specialties fibers pure enough to be used in the highly demanding manufacture of LCD screens. When clarity and “touch” are essential, our unique and innovative products can be relied on to deliver the results our customers need in their manufacturing processes.


RYAM’ acetate-grade cellulose is the global benchmark for acetate filtration products. Custom-made to meet the specifications of each customer, our acetate-grade cellulose is used in the manufacture of LCD screens, the most demanding of all cellulose specialty applications. Also, RYAM’ acetate-grade cellulose is used in a variety of plastics when clarity and “touch” is important.

High-Value Ethers

Our high-value ethers-grade cellulose is used in a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical products. High-value ethers enhance texture, thicken syrups and enable the development of slow release medications. We produce ethers-grade cellulose having a wide range of viscosity options that provide different textures to end products.

High-Value Specialty Products

Our high-value cellulose specialties are custom-made to meet specifications of automotive filter manufacturers. Products made from our high-strength viscose-grade cellulose add strength to tires and provide rigidity and strength to hot dog and sausage casings.

Fluff Pulp

Our high-quality fluff pulp is used in applications where liquid absorption is critical, including baby diapers and other personal hygiene products, pet pads, food grade absorbent pads and airlaid nonwovens used for wipes and absorbent cores. A low percentage of fines – those fine particles sometimes found in the milling process – reflects the quality and purity of our processes. Once defiberized, our pulp provides superior absorption, wicking and pad integrity properties to the end-use products.